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How To Get Your Very First Website Designed

If you are looking to get a website designed, you will likely want to get familiar with the various steps involved with the process. There are plenty of things that you will need to do in order to get your website designed. Below, we will be going over some of the keys to getting your very first website designed.

Keys To Getting Your Website Designed:

1. Find A Professional To Handle It For You.

This is the single best way to go about getting your website designed. If you want to get your website designed without any additional hassle, this is the best way to go about it. After all, by hiring a professional to handle the designing of your website for you, it will free up your time to focus on other result producing activities. Being able to hire a professional to handle the entire process from start to finish for you is the best way to go about getting your website up and running with minimal hassle and less wasted time.

2. Find A Hosting Company and Pick A Domain.

If you are not going to be hiring a professional to handle the design and creation of your website, you will need to find a hosting company. A hosting company is someone that will host your website/information on their server. Therefore, you want to find one that is reliable and one that is reputable. Finding a good hosting provider can help you ensure that your website is going to be safe, secure, and in good hands. You will also need to pick out a domain name that you will be able to use for your website.

3. Use WordPress And Pick A Theme.

Unless you are completely set on getting a customize site made for your business, you will want to use WordPress and pick out a theme that is available. You can find all kinds of different themes available that will offer you a good amount of customization on its own. By picking a theme, you should be able to have a baseline design that you can work with. This is a great way to minimise the amount of time it takes to get your website’s design completed and have it up and running.

Overall, there is a lot that you will want to do when you are trying to get your website up and running. By following the tips above, you should be able to get a website successfully designed. Depending on your budget, it might be better to hire a professional to handle a lot of it for you. However, you don’t have to hire a professional and you can handle the entire design and creation of your website on your own. It will simply require a lot more effort and time to do so. The design of your website is very important as it will establish your positioning within the marketplace. Therefore, it is always wise to consider hiring a professional like Paul McCarthy Cork Web Design to handle it for you.

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Why You Need A Search Engine Optimization Specialist In Sydney

As a business owner, how many tasks do you typically have on a daily basis? If you’re like every other small business owner, the list is probably too long to state. That is simply one of the things that come with being a small business owner.

Of course, your main priority is creating additional sales and leads for your business. One of the best ways to do that is for your website, yet for many small business owners, it is an area that is simply not dealt with. And it goes without saying, that most small business owners simply do not have time for search engine optimization and website design.

However, your website once it is fully optimized can be a 24-hour, seven day a week salesperson for your business. It is truly a hands-off passive model to increase not only sales but brand awareness.

If you have in thinking about hiring a search engine optimization specialist in Sydney, we have a few things we would like you to consider. These three simple reasons should help you make the decision on whether or not you need a specialist for your Sydney business.

Experience And Knowledge

While no one knows exactly what Google looks for and ranking websites, a search engine optimization specialist is going to have a pretty good idea. It is estimated that Google uses almost 200 factors in ranking websites and pages. For the general individual, that is an insurmountable amount of research to try and get a page to rank.

Your search engine optimization specialist at Sydney SEO Agency already has years of experience in ranking websites and pages and will be able to get yours up to the first page much faster than you could. However, it is essential that you choose a reputable specialist that is not going to use unethical practises to get your website ranked.

User Experience

Another important factor to consider about your website and ranking is that it is no longer about keywords and backlinks. Search engines take much more into account when placing your website in the search engine rankings. One of the most important aspects of your website to the search engine is user experience.

The right search engine optimization specialist is going to take the time to help you create the best user experience. This is going to ensure that your site loads fast, has proper navigation and content is easy to find. The better user experience your website have, the longer your visitors are going to stay on-site and this will help to increase your overall website ranking.

As you can see, hiring a search engine optimization specialist in Sydney is one of the best ways you can help not only your website but your business. A properly optimized website is going to help bring the leads and sales on a completely passive level. The right search engine optimization specialist is going to ensure that your website offers a great user experience and will bring that knowledge that is necessary for high-rankings.

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Considering Search Engine Optimisation As A Career Option

If you are considering search engine optimisation as a career option, you might be happy to hear that the field can be very lucrative. However, there is also a lot of competition in the professional SEO services sector and securing private clients can be tough. If you want to avail of a stable income each month, you are going to want to seek employment with a global SEO Corporation. If you decide to work for an SEO agency or as a freelance professional, your income is going to fluctuate depending on the workload you manage to secure each month.

If you want to work in the SEO field, you need to make sure you are a person than generally enjoys continually absorbing new information and learning new skills. The search engine industry grows at a very fast pace, so there are always new SEO techniques to learn as changes are made to ranking algorithms. Furthermore, the way people interact with the online world is also changing due to the development of new devices like advanced smartphones and AI internet-connected home assistants. As a result, any work that you do this year will likely look nothing like the SEO work you will be doing in ten years if you choose to stay in the field for the long term.

You can look up the average salary for SEO workers in your country online. However, note that many people who work in the industry decide to start their own businesses, so determining a typical annual salary can be difficult. When it comes to setting up your own SEO agency, you need to ensure that you have great business management skills. You might also need to work out how you will secure any finance needed to start a new business in your area of the world.

Keep in mind that nobody can predict the future and while in 2019 it’s hard to imagine a world without Google, there is nothing to guarantee that search engine results pages will always be one of the main sources of lucrative traffic for business websites. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are already proving to better sources of traffic than SERPs to online business in many industries. The good news is that even if you choose to specialise in SEO work, you are still going to learn a very devise and adaptable skillset. SEO campaigns themselves, for instance, typically require a lot of social media marketing, brand reputation building, content creation, web design, web development, graphic design, and video marketing elements.

In order to decide whether or not a career in search engine optimisation is the right choice for you, you might find it helpful to draw up a list of the pros and cons of the working in the search engine marketing industry. You might also want to try and secure interviews or informal chats with some of the leading professionals in the field. Be sure to ask them whether they would recommend the career path to those younger than themselves.

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Contributing Author – London SEO Marketing Agency is one of London’s leading SEO agencies, and can be reached at their website here –

How To Choose A Belfast Digital Marketing Agency

A lot of businesses need to work with a marketing agency. The problem these businesses face is choosing a good digital marketing agency to work with. There are many agencies out there, but they will not all be a good fit for your business. If you are looking for a digital marketing agency in Belfast, there are some steps that you need to take.

Digital Marketing Agency Reviews

Before you start looking at any digital marketing agencies, you need to determine what your marketing needs are. When you know what your marketing needs are, you will be able to choose an agency that meets them. To determine your needs, you have to consider what you want from marketing.

Are you looking to increase brand visibility or do you want more traffic to your website? These are questions that you need to know the answer to. You also need to consider your marketing budget because the agency needs to be able to work within this.

Do Your Research

Finding marketing agencies is not that hard when you turn to the search engines. However, you should never work with the first agency you find without doing some research. Research into the agency will help you determine if they are reputable and if they offer the services that you need.

One of the best ways to research an agency will be to talk to their past clients. While this can be hard to achieve, online reviews can help. You should see what type of reviews the agency gets, but take them with a pinch of salt. More unhappy people will post reviews than happy clients.

As you research the agency, you should take a look at the marketing they do for themselves. This can help you get a feel for their standards and whether they can help you. If you want them to focus on social media marketing for your business, take a look at their social media accounts.

Ask Questions of the Belfast Agencies

When you have a shortlist of agencies that you may want to work with, you will need to contact them. You can set up an appointment to see what they have to offer and many agencies will offer free initial consultations. During the consultation, you will need to ask the right questions.

One of the questions that you need to ask is whether you can see some examples of campaigns they have created. A good agency will have a portfolio that you can look at with different campaigns. Another question to ask is how the results and ROI will be measured. You do not want to work with an agency that does not have clear metrics to use because you will not know if the marketing is successful.

There are many steps that you need to take when it comes to choosing a good digital marketing agency. The first step is to know what you need and then find a marketing agency that offers these services. Having questions that you ask each agency will help you compare and find the right agency.

Belfast SEO: How to Hire A Good SEO Agency

Is your website deprived of targeted traffic? This could be a serious problem, especially if you’ve tried different traffic generation techniques yet still fall short of your expectations. Building a website is one thing, but attracting visitors is a different matter altogether. To get the results you want, it’s best to hire an SEO company. But how can you make sure that you go about this process correctly? The following digital marketing tips should narrow your search and help you find the right partner for your business.

1) Define your SEO goals

The first thing you need to do is to figure out what you want to improve about your online presence. Do you need to build a brand new website? Are you having problems building high-quality backlinks? Or maybe you don’t know which areas need improvement? By identifying your unique requirements, you can choose an SEO provider that specialises in the area you need help with. Also, you can rely on the company to conduct an SEO analysis to help you find the areas that need the most attention.

2) Prioritise data tracking

Many SEO agencies use a one-size-fits-all approach for all of their clients. As you may know, this isn’t the best way to move forward when it comes to SEO. What you need is a tailor-made strategy based on what your business needs. For this reason, it’s imperative to find an SEO company that tracks and measures your company data. This allows them to formulate the best strategy that provides real results.

Finding Talent in Digital Marketing & SEO

3) Ask for reviews and case studies

Just like buying products online, you’d want to check the reviews by the company’s past clients. This gives you a rough picture of what to expect from them. But if possible, look for any case studies published by the company. Usually, they use case studies to prove that they know what they’re doing. You may also try asking for local references so you can speak to past clients in person.

4) Schedule a consultation

You wouldn’t want to make a decision based solely on the information you find online. It’s better to schedule a consultation so you can discuss thoroughly with the SEO professional. This gives you a better feel for the type of people you’ll deal with. Remember that you may have to work with the company for at least a few months, so take the time to learn about their personality. It might be a good idea to talk to one of the local SEO providers like –

5) Prepare your budget

Many people say that SEO is cost-effective, but this doesn’t take away from the fact that you need to shell out money. Depending on the services you avail, you may have to shell out quite a bit of money upfront. When comparing multiple SEO companies, don’t forget to ask about their package deals and the price ranges of the different services. Do some comparison shopping and see which one offers the best value for the money. Just remember that saving money should not be done at the expense of getting lower quality services.

Professional SEO In Cork: 5 Tips For Local Business Websites In 2019

Website traffic from organic search results is very valuable to online businesses because it is generally easy to convert into sales. In order to increase the amount of traffic you get to your own website from search engine result pages (SERP), you can use a range of effective SEO techniques to boost your website’s position on those pages.

With that in mind, here are 5 top tips for local businesses from professionals in SEO in Cork:

  1. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly.
    In 2019, it should go without saying that your website should be optimised for mobile browsers. However, many people do not know that Google now penalises websites that aren’t mobile-friendly via the mobile-first indexing update to their ranking algorithms.
  2. Improve website security.
    Website security is a more important ranking factor than a lot of people think. In fact, if your website is not using the lastest HTTPS/SSL protocols, it’s unlikely to feature very highly in search results. What’s more, Google now warns all of its users about the dangers of visiting websites using unencrypted connections and users have to actively make a decision to continue through to an unsecured website that is indexed on a search results page.
  3. Research keywords.
    Before you start any type of SEO on your website, you need to know which niche specific keywords you want to target. If you choose keywords that have too much competition or low monthly search volumes, you could find yourself spending a lot of money on SEO yet seeing no results. The are many professional keyword research tools online that you can use to find lucrative words and phrases to work with.
  4. Build quality backlinks.
    Creating quality backlinks to your website from trusted external sources can be a time-consuming affair, but it is still one of the most effective ways to increase your site’s SERP rankings. To create quality backlinks, you need to start submitting press releases, guest blog posts, and news articles to online platforms that have good domain ranks.
  5. Publish long-form content on your website.
    Articles that are 1000+ words long are great for establishing credibility and authority with search engines. Gone are the days when sites could just upload 150-word blog posts and start ranking for keywords. An added benefits of long-form content is that it allows you to target a wider range of keywords and phrases. Just make sure that you also ensure the content is easy-to-read for your website visitors. That can be achieved by using subheadings, bullet points, tables, lists, and short paragraphs.

Hopefully, you found the 5 SEO tips featured above helpful and will keep them in mind as you plan your business’s online marketing strategy for the future. Don’t forget that you don’t have to learn all there is to know about the search engine industry in order to improve your website’s SERP rankings for competitive keywords. Instead, you could consider outsourcing search engine marketing for your business to some of the best agencies that specialise in SEO in Cork Ireland.

Interview with An SEO Expert

George Best

Some things change, but some things stay the same. And the same could be said for search engine optimisation.

Belfast SEO Agency Explains..

The reality is that most web firms have simply failed to adapt to the new environment, and are simply churning out websites that will never see the light of day. Now we understand that over the years that plenty of web designers have been burned by the next Google update. But what is happening now is quite simply a travesty.

What we’re seeing coming out of web design agencies these days is a total disregard for really basic principles like adding the clients’ keywords to the webpage title. Which there is really no reason for.

It really has went to the opposite extreme where for a long time web designers stuffed their sites with keywords, and now they won’t touch them with a bargepole, and as usual the person who suffers is the inadequately informed client.

Instead we recommend a simple approach to search engine optimisation that begins with intelligent, sensible keyword research, and then properly organising those keywords on the website to amke it easy for Google to understand what the website is about, and when it might be a good result for users of the Google search engine.

Once that stage has been carried out, the next step is to begin the build up the strength and authority of the website with good quality, and most particularly relevant backlinks. And in a nutshell, that is the basic premise of effective SEO in 2019.

To find out more and to have a quick chat about whether or not we can assict with your next project, simply visit our website at – http://BelfastSEO.Agency – Belfast’s most preferred web design agency.

Guidelines For Choosing A Web Host

One of the most important things you need to do if you want to start a website, is to choose a web host. Basically, a web host actually stores all the data and pages for your site, so finding one is crucial. Thankfully, there are hundreds if not thousands of different web hosts to choose from, so you can definitely find one according to your website’s needs and budget. We will now look at a couple of tips and guidelines that you should keep in mind.

Web Hosting Explained

Best Web Hosting Companies for Start-Ups

First of all, you need to think about your budget. It is highly advised that you don’t automatically search for and choose the cheapest web host on the market. It is possible to find a web host that only charges a few bucks a month, however, this may not be the best host. Many of these cheap hosting companies offer sub par services where your site will not be securely stored, there may be issues with uptime, have a higher possibility of getting hacked etc. So, you should do advanced research on a web host before you purchase a plan to ensure you’re getting value for your money. When it comes to budget, you should account for between $5 – $50 per month for a starter plan.

Next, as mentioned previously, the uptime of your site is extremely important. This basically means how much of the time your site is available on the internet. You should look for hosts that have at least a 99% uptime. If a host has less than 99% uptime, then your site will not receive as many visitors as it should and it may actually be penalized by Google for organic rankings. If you intend to do SEO on your site, then uptime is a crucial ranking factor and you should always check actual customer reviews for comments on uptime as oppose to just trusting what the web hosting company says.

Thirdly, you should always make sure that you choose a company that offers excellent customer service support that is 24/7. There is nothing more frustrating than having an issue with your website and customer support isn’t available or you have to wait hours or days for a response. Poor customer support needs to be avoided since you never know when your site may go offline, you might get hacked etc.

If you intend to get most of your traffic from SEO and organic rankings, then you should avoid hosts that are used by SEOs. This is particularly important because many SEOs use the cheapest or SEO friendly hosts for their PBN websites. Google dislikes the use of PBNs and they tend to penalize all the sites on the same IP address as that of a PBN. As a result, you don’t want to be guilty by association and mistakenly get your website penalized simply for being on the same shared hosting of a PBN network.

In closing, we have just looked at a few tips on how to choose a web hosting company. Once you do your research, you will be able to find a great host that will meet all of your website’s needs.

What You Need To Know About Web Design?

Website Design 101

For those who are just starting out on the internet, welcome to an exciting world where anything is possible. However, it will require some smart choices if you want to create opportunities, and the design aspect of your site will be included. That’s right, your choices of how the site ultimately looks and functions can dictate whether users are going to like it or not, and here are some considerations to keep in mind. More specifically, here is what you need to know about web design.

The Website Design Needs To Be Functional

Initially, you might think that you should prioritize the visual appeal above everything else. And why shouldn’t you? Ugly websites don’t usually do well. But when the visual appeal is taking away from the functionality of the site, you are looking at definite problems.

For example, it doesn’t help to have a site that looks stunning, but it’s impossible to navigate. When users can’t easily browse between the pages, they are going to get frustrated and leave, seeing as the design itself will only entertain them for so long. The point is you shouldn’t just focus on making the site look good. Of course, you want users to talk about it and share links, but it might even be more important to present users with a fun and functional site.

The Responsiveness Of The Site

Everyone understands the concept that different devices are used to access the internet. From Apple phones to laptops and tablets, all these devices run on different systems and screen dimensions. And that means the user experience for searching the net will be different for everyone using a different device.

It is up to you to ensure the design or theme for your site is able to adapt to these platforms. Mainly, you want to tap into as many traffic sources as possible. But it’s also about giving the user the best possible experience. And if you don’t cater to mobile users, for example, chances are they will leave you out of search results. And it will just be based on the responsiveness of the design.

SEO Elements

The responsiveness of the design is just one of the search engine visibility aspects you need to remember. In fact, several of the things that have already been mentioned can be associated with search ranking purposes. Do yourself a big favour and get familiar with the connection. Understand how web design is going to influence your ranking and try to address every challenge that comes your way.

Because you always want the site to be geared and optimized for visibility, and the design is no small matter. A good example would be the loading speed of the site. Users don’t really like to wait anything more than two seconds for a page to load, and when it takes longer they tend to abandon the site altogether. The result is a high bounce rate and a lower ranking, just because the loading speed of the site is slow.

Address this problem by checking how many plugins you have running and whether they are all updated. Also, check if you have pop-ups or ads that might slow down the speed. Either way, don’t use anything in the design that can slow it down.

Visually Appealing Web Designs

Earlier it was said that a site should be functional. When users land, they shouldn’t feel overwhelmed or confused. Instead, they should feel excited about what they see and experience. And while it is important to maintain functionality, you want to stand out from the competition.

A very popular trend these days is the minimalist approach. Only adding the necessary visual elements to motivate user engagement is all you need. In other words, instead of trying to be extravagant and slow down the site, be effective and keep the loading speed high. Make everything easy find, but make it look good because even your colour choices are going to be important.

If you are really serious about your website, you should consider hiring a professional designer. They already know about all of the above, and a lot more. Plus, they stay up to date with the latest trends, so advice from them can prove to be invaluable.

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