Guidelines For Choosing A Web Host

One of the most important things you need to do if you want to start a website, is to choose a web host. Basically, a web host actually stores all the data and pages for your site, so finding one is crucial. Thankfully, there are hundreds if not thousands of different web hosts to choose from, so you can definitely find one according to your website’s needs and budget. We will now look at a couple of tips and guidelines that you should keep in mind.

Web Hosting Explained

Best Web Hosting Companies for Start-Ups

First of all, you need to think about your budget. It is highly advised that you don’t automatically search for and choose the cheapest web host on the market. It is possible to find a web host that only charges a few bucks a month, however, this may not be the best host. Many of these cheap hosting companies offer sub par services where your site will not be securely stored, there may be issues with uptime, have a higher possibility of getting hacked etc. So, you should do advanced research on a web host before you purchase a plan to ensure you’re getting value for your money. When it comes to budget, you should account for between $5 – $50 per month for a starter plan.

Next, as mentioned previously, the uptime of your site is extremely important. This basically means how much of the time your site is available on the internet. You should look for hosts that have at least a 99% uptime. If a host has less than 99% uptime, then your site will not receive as many visitors as it should and it may actually be penalized by Google for organic rankings. If you intend to do SEO on your site, then uptime is a crucial ranking factor and you should always check actual customer reviews for comments on uptime as oppose to just trusting what the web hosting company says.

Thirdly, you should always make sure that you choose a company that offers excellent customer service support that is 24/7. There is nothing more frustrating than having an issue with your website and customer support isn’t available or you have to wait hours or days for a response. Poor customer support needs to be avoided since you never know when your site may go offline, you might get hacked etc.

If you intend to get most of your traffic from SEO and organic rankings, then you should avoid hosts that are used by SEOs. This is particularly important because many SEOs use the cheapest or SEO friendly hosts for their PBN websites. Google dislikes the use of PBNs and they tend to penalize all the sites on the same IP address as that of a PBN. As a result, you don’t want to be guilty by association and mistakenly get your website penalized simply for being on the same shared hosting of a PBN network.

In closing, we have just looked at a few tips on how to choose a web hosting company. Once you do your research, you will be able to find a great host that will meet all of your website’s needs.

What You Need To Know About Web Design?

Website Design 101

For those who are just starting out on the internet, welcome to an exciting world where anything is possible. However, it will require some smart choices if you want to create opportunities, and the design aspect of your site will be included. That’s right, your choices of how the site ultimately looks and functions can dictate whether users are going to like it or not, and here are some considerations to keep in mind. More specifically, here is what you need to know about web design.

The Website Design Needs To Be Functional

Initially, you might think that you should prioritize the visual appeal above everything else. And why shouldn’t you? Ugly websites don’t usually do well. But when the visual appeal is taking away from the functionality of the site, you are looking at definite problems.

For example, it doesn’t help to have a site that looks stunning, but it’s impossible to navigate. When users can’t easily browse between the pages, they are going to get frustrated and leave, seeing as the design itself will only entertain them for so long. The point is you shouldn’t just focus on making the site look good. Of course, you want users to talk about it and share links, but it might even be more important to present users with a fun and functional site.

The Responsiveness Of The Site

Everyone understands the concept that different devices are used to access the internet. From Apple phones to laptops and tablets, all these devices run on different systems and screen dimensions. And that means the user experience for searching the net will be different for everyone using a different device.

It is up to you to ensure the design or theme for your site is able to adapt to these platforms. Mainly, you want to tap into as many traffic sources as possible. But it’s also about giving the user the best possible experience. And if you don’t cater to mobile users, for example, chances are they will leave you out of search results. And it will just be based on the responsiveness of the design.

SEO Elements

The responsiveness of the design is just one of the search engine visibility aspects you need to remember. In fact, several of the things that have already been mentioned can be associated with search ranking purposes. Do yourself a big favour and get familiar with the connection. Understand how web design is going to influence your ranking and try to address every challenge that comes your way.

Because you always want the site to be geared and optimized for visibility, and the design is no small matter. A good example would be the loading speed of the site. Users don’t really like to wait anything more than two seconds for a page to load, and when it takes longer they tend to abandon the site altogether. The result is a high bounce rate and a lower ranking, just because the loading speed of the site is slow.

Address this problem by checking how many plugins you have running and whether they are all updated. Also, check if you have pop-ups or ads that might slow down the speed. Either way, don’t use anything in the design that can slow it down.

Visually Appealing Web Designs

Earlier it was said that a site should be functional. When users land, they shouldn’t feel overwhelmed or confused. Instead, they should feel excited about what they see and experience. And while it is important to maintain functionality, you want to stand out from the competition.

A very popular trend these days is the minimalist approach. Only adding the necessary visual elements to motivate user engagement is all you need. In other words, instead of trying to be extravagant and slow down the site, be effective and keep the loading speed high. Make everything easy find, but make it look good because even your colour choices are going to be important.

If you are really serious about your website, you should consider hiring a professional designer. They already know about all of the above, and a lot more. Plus, they stay up to date with the latest trends, so advice from them can prove to be invaluable.

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